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DATA ANALYTICS products and MAP solutions.

R-Insight enables you to view, analyze and download real estate data on the dynamic dashboards with advanced filtering options. Area level aggregated data reports as well as individual property reports offers you latest real estate transactions, asking prices, price trends, occupancy levels, service charges and real estate supply metrics on the advanced yet user friendly dashboards.

We can also customize the dashboards with your own data sets for your advanced analytic needs.

Area Reports
Property Reports
Developer Reports
Supply Reports
Price Reports
Market Trend Reports
Transaction Reports
Economy Reports

Over 70% searches on the search engines are related to location.
R-Map provides data visualization on a map tool with dynamic heat and choropleth maps. Real estate data series enhanced with Point of interests, urban planning tools and micro market analysis tools.

Transaction Data
Listing Data
Market Trends
Urban Planning Tools
Point of Interest/Landmarks
Drawing Tools/Catchment Analysis

R-Rebis provides real estate data in a granular format that enables you to view and download the data sets. The platform with the summary of the data in each section helps you make better decisions.

Property/Projects Data
Transaction Data
Listing Data
Market Trends
Supply Analysis
Comparison Tools
Market Reports
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R-Retail enables you to combine any located based data on a smart map tool layers to find out the potential of specific location or point.

Footfall Analytics
Catchment Analysis
Proximity Analysis
Competition Comparison
Revenue Projection
Branch Expansion Planning
Location Scorings
Custom Data Analytics

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Fetch the real time segmented real estate data using high level filters from REIDIN’s API based on business needs.
Real Estate Market Trends
Automated Property Valuation
Special Algorithms
Location Based Indicators
Demographics and Socio-Economic Datasets
Get REIDIN’s customized research report services on demand.
Location Analysis
Market Trend Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Branch Location Optimizations
Using REIDIN’s propriety data pool as well as your own datasets, you can have interactive dashboards and ready market analysis.
BI Charts & Graphs
Segmented Datasets
Chart & Map Imaginaries
Advanced Filters & Interactive Visuals

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What our customers are saying about us

REIDIN’s intuitive Insight portal provides a superb platform for us to explore the latest data trends in Dubai’s residential market. Additional drilldown features help to unpick submarket level nuances that are critical in understanding Dubai’s complex residential market landscape.

Faisal Durrani​
Head of Middle East Research at Knight Frank

REIDIN provides comprehensive data and analysis in a user-friendly format, supporting us in delivering timely and reliable recommendations to our clients. The platform continues to evolve, offering new features and analysis backed by credible research. The tools included within REIDIN Insight are especially useful, providing ready access to a range of trends, indices and area insights across residential and commercial property sectors.

Chris Hobden
Associate Director at
Chesterton International LLC

Informative and essential for Stones International. Excellent Account Management/Manager Ahd support. The team can not effectively operate with out REIDIN.

Christopher Simon
Chief Operating Officer at Stones International

Reidin has been a tremendous asset to our business. Apart from providing us information on transactions, supply, trends and even project information, Reidin helps us prepare Market Appraisal Reports & Presentations.

Vice-President at Raine & Horne

I think REIDIN is one the most important transactional data providers catering to the Dubai real estate market, and it has certainly come a long way since I first started using the service back in 2007.

Head of Real Estate Research at Valustrat

REIDIN’s intuitive platform allows access to their comprehensive residential and commercial real estate data, allowing CBRE to decipher the trends within the market from a city level overview to submarket trends and even individual projects.

Taimur KHAN
Head of Research at CBRE

REIDIN's intuitive portal provides accurate and reliable data of residential and commercial real estate, allowing us to analyze the range of trends with city level to submarket and individual projects. These multidimensional trends support us in our valuation services in a proper transparent way.

Abhinav Sharma
Director at Reliant Surveyors & Co-Founder at Pnaap Properties

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